Barley straw has the unique ability of releasing algae inhibiting chemicals when it decomposes in water.
With the continued expansion of fishing lakes in the United Kingdom, we have developed a supply of barley straw for use in controlling algae problems.
Being able to supply the large quantities of straw at a competitive price necessary for large fishing lakes, we can offer a natural alternative to polluting man made  additives.

Freshly harvested straw is baled and loaded on to lorry for transport direct to your fishing lake.

All our barley straw bales are of 2.5 metre x 1.25 metre (8 x 4) in size and can be placed directly into the water, or easily broken up for placing in nets.

You can learn more about how barley straw works and the best ways to use it buy reading the info supplied by IARC- Centre for Aquatic Plant Mangement.

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