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Spring Beans

Spring has sprung our Quattro Spring Beans into life at Hadley. The first of April has brought us some welcome rain, which is the first since the beginning of March. In fact, I understand March has been the sunniest and driest since records began.

We have loaded the remainder 2002 harvest spring peas, which clears our grain store out for this season.

Winter Sown Bean
Spring Sown Bean
Spraying Spring Beans

The recent warm weather has been ideal for the spread of Bean Weevil which are enjoying feeding on both our winter and spring beans. Their evidence can be seen above by the notching of the leaves. All have received an insecticide to prevent any more damage.

Our Knight crop sprayer is celebrating 15 year of service this month. It features on our Machinery page in a picture take when it was new in 1988

Spraying OSR

Mid April, and its now been approximately 6 weeks since we had any appreciable amount of rain.
Our Oil Seed Rape and Winter Barley on the light limestone land at Casterton is starting to suffer.
We have applied a fungicide to the Rape the control of Phoma and Light Leaf Spot.