April 2004                Click here to go back to this year

Last autumnís dry conditions, and having the loan of a Knight Triple Press for a couple of days, highlighted the fact that we really could benefit from such a machine to replace our disc harrows which produced a very variable seedbed this season leading to uneven germination. During the past couple of months, we have been busy developing and building a new cultivator press in collaboration with Knight Farm Machinery Ltd

Based on the features of the Knight Triple Press and Goliath cultivators, the new machine has several design criteria to fill.

a. To have a maximum horsepower requirement of 150 Hp.
b. Have a 4 meter working width.
c. Allow the press rings to be raised during headland turns.
d. To be drawn via the tractorís lower links so as to make use of draft control.

Two rows of ridged tines with Speed Lock points adjustable in depth from 20mm to 200mm will be used to cultivate the ground.

The press rings will be two rows of standard 600mm diameter Revolver Rings.

Using the Goliath folding system, allows the machine to fold to 2.5 M for transport.

Using a headstock and drawbar closely based on the Goliath allows the press to be pulled from the tractors lower links to allow for weight from the cultivator to be transferred to the tractor to aid traction. This also allows tine depth to be accurately maintained.

Low ground pressure wheels mounted on the rear of the machine allow the press rings to be raised clear of the ground for transport and during field turns to prevent over cultivation of the headland.

After a visit to Knightís factory for sand blasting and paint, assembling the machine gives the first indication of what it will look like when complete.

Having fitted the wheels and piped the hydraulics to the tractor allows us to fold the machine and get it out the shed for the first time.

When folded, the hydraulic wheels allow the machine to be lowered to reduce the ride height and center of gravity.