August 2004               Click here to see this month in 03 or 02

Loading Straw

The start of the month, and we are busy carting barley straw bales off the field at Stamford.............

Unloading Straw to farm in Wales.

Cultivation OSR Seedbed

Our new cultivator press has been busy at Stamford preparing the Oil Seed Rape ground for drilling. A shallow pass with wide points has been made to promote the germination of weed seeds which will be sprayed off prior to a second pass with the machine fitted with chisel points running around six inches deep just prior to drilling later this month.

Drying Wheat

After 10 days of thunder storms at Hadley, we made a start on grabbing some of our wheat harvest between the showers on the 13th.
Coming off the combine at 22% and with no better weather forecast for the next week, the drier is going to be busy creating steam!

 Harvesting Winter Wheat

With the risk of rain ever present, straw rows covering the field are a real liability, but with a local contractor baling close behind the combine and the customer carting bales off the field, we are managing to remain prepared for wet weather.

Following one of the wettest August’s on record, we complete our wheat harvest on the 26th. All of our 600+ tonnes of feed wheat have been cut at an average of 18% moisture content and have been through our drier.

With Oil Seed Rape still to drill at Stamford and nearly 40 Ha of beans still to cut, we are becoming increasingly behind this season compared to last.

Drilling Oil Seed Rape

Nearly 3 weeks later than last year, we’ve managed to get our Oil Seed Rape drilled between the heavy showers. At least we have the moisture to get it to grow this year, so should soon make up for the later planting.