Having completed our winter barley harvest at Stamford on the 29th July, our combine is back on the road again at the beginning of August, back to Hadley for the start of winter wheat.
It rained about 2 hours after the last load of barley went in the shed, and hasnít stopped for any great length of time since, so although we have some wheat ready to harvest, the wet weather has given us time to prepare for the planting of oil seed rape at Casterton, which we hope to sow by the middle of the month.

Our John Deere 6810 has been busy ploughing winter barley stubble with a Kverneland LD85 5 furrow plough

Ploughing with Kverneland LD 85
New drill ready for the off
Drilling OSR

Our new Maschio / Sulky combination drill was delivered on the 9th.
Following a bit of setting up, adjustment and calibration, we were ready for......

......drilling Oil Seed Rape, on the 11th at a seed rate of 3.3 Kg/Ha.
A little earlier than our preferred drilling date for OSR, we were making use of the time made available through the lack of harvesting due to wet weather.

It was the 13th by the time we got the tractor back at Hadley and the weather had picked up sufficiently for us to have the peas high on the harvest agenda.
Unfortunatly the pea straw was just still to wet to allow them to flow over the combine knife, so we had to retire to some second wheat which was around 18% moisture.

Hesston 4900

We hadn't managed to complete the first field of wheat before the baler arrived!
The straw is sold in the swath and will go to a local stock farm.

The 14th brought hot sunshine and a good breeze, ideal for drying soggy pea straw, and by mid afternoon, the combine was back in the peas and going well. By 8pm the damp a returned to stop us though.

Harvesting Jackpot Peas
Drying Peas

Coming off the combine at around 20% moisture, the peas are going through our Mecmar Drier, shown here set up to empty directly into the grain store.

Hesston 4750

Back into the wheat harvest on the 16th, as the weather keeps fine for us, and yet another baler chasing the combine around the field.

Cutting Beans in the Dark

On the 22nd we started to harvest our winter beans.
Coming off the combine at around 14.5% moisture, we are tipping them straight in the shed. The days are cool enough so as not to make the pods to brittle and shatter, but at around 6 feet tall, they do feed better when they are slightly damp, first thing in the morning or late at night.

Seen here on the 25th, exactly a fortnight since sowing, our oil seed rape is now well emerged.

Unloading Straw

Having complete harvest on the 27th, leaves a little spare time to catch up with moving some more Bales 2 Wales from Stamford. Seen here unloading on farm at Brecon.

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