Approximately 75% of the crops we grow are either wheat or barley which produce straw for which we have no need for ourselves.         

Barley Straw grown at Great Casterton, is baled by contractor using a Claas Quadrant 2200 baler, producing bales of size 1.2m x 0.7m x 2.5m which are ideal for handling, haulage and use by the livestock farmer.

Farming land at Great Casterton in Rutland, which is a predominately arable area of the country, where wheat and barley are widely grown, we have access to a large amount of straw for animal feed and bedding, as well as all the straw from our own farm. With our base at Hadley in Worcestershire it places us mid way to Wales and surrounding areas therefore enabling us to transport the straw in bulk across the county.

All straw is in big bales, and can be delivered direct from field to your farm at harvest or, wherever possible stored under cover for delivery through the winter months.

Winter Barley Straw in the Swath
Claas Quadrant Rotofeed 2200

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To learn about the use of Barley Straw to control Algae in ponds and lakes, take a look at or page dedicated to the supply of straw for this purpose.

Bales 2 Wales

Unloading on Farm
Loading Direct from Field

Loaded direct from the field at Stamford, we get approximately 18500 Kg of barley straw on our lorry.

Delivered direct from the field, the bales can be easily unloaded and handled to store.