Church Farm, Great Casterton in Rutland is based on shallow limestone soils where we grow malting barley and oil seed rape.
With two farms split by a distance of 100 miles, its not that easy, especially at harvest, but by growing early harvesting crops a Great Casterton on light soils, means we can complete harvest there first before moving on to Hadley to continue with wheat and pulse harvests as they become ripe.
We share all the machinery between both farms, with the exception of the crop sprayers so running our own haulage is a must.
Making things even more interesting, is that we do all the work on both farms, with only one tractor.
Hadley Farm
Church Farm
 Hadley Farm at Hadley in Worcestershire with its deep loam soils overlaying red sandstone enables us to grow a rotation of first and second wheat with a break of either peas or beans.
We farm two arable units growing assured combinable crops of Winter Wheat, Winter Beans and Spring Peas mainly for the animal feed industry, along with Winter Barley for malting and Oil Seed Rape for the production of vegetable oil.
Taking advice from Velcourt, one of Europe’s top farm management companys, we strive for top performance and top quality from all the crops we grow.