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This month is turning out to be a little drier which should allow us to get on with some winter ploughing.
The Oil Seed Rape at Stamford has received itís application of Kerb to control black grass and cereal volunteers. Pigeons are beginning to make their presents felt as cold weather threatens.
55 tonnes of winter beans were loaded of farm at Hadley at the beginning of the month. Sold to Glencore Grain, these are destined inclusion in animal feed.
Another 100 tonnes of wheat are sold for movement this month, this time going to Lloyds Animal Feeds at Oswestry.

December Ploughing

Ploughing is going well and cuts and shines nicely in the December sunshine.

The weather at Hadley has been cold and windy over the past week, which has dried the ground well.
Rightly or wrongly, we have decided to have a go at combination drilling some winter beans into the recently ploughed ground. We made a start on the 10th in slightly frozen ground.

With all the coulter pressure on, our Sulky drill has been doing a good job of placing the seed about 2 to 3  inches deep.
Their was concern over the drills ability to meter the large seed without damaging the peg wheels or the seed, but it has gone very well. Applying a seed rate of 125 Kg/Ha, that equates to 15 seeds per square metre.

Drilling Winter Beans
Drilling Winter Beans