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Gout Fly Affect

The extent of Gout Fly
damage in our winter wheat is becoming evident this month.
The larvae which hatched from the egg’s laid on the plant back in October have now grown to such a size where they create the distinctive swelling in the plant stem.

The first shoot to emerge is normally the only one effected on the plant. This shoot will eventually die, leaving the remaining tillers to go on and produce seed.

Gout Fly Larvae

Without wanting to repeat another boaring photo of us loading gain, we have been loading peas this month, sold to Glencore Grain, which are going to Wherry & Sons at Bourne.
Lloyds have made a start on a 200 tonne February contract destined for their Wrexham mill, and Acorn Arable have collected another load of Target beans which are going to Crediton in Devon.

Ploughing in The Danes Ploughing in The Danes

On the 5th, the last field of the season comes under the plough in preporation for more spring beans which we hope to plant as soon as we finish ploughing.

Oil Seed Rape, Winter Barley and Second Wheat have all recieved their first application of liquid fertiliser mid way through the month. First wheat after peas and beans will recieve its application in two weeks time.

Applying Liquid Nitrogen