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Germinating Bean

A new year brings new life in the form of our Target winter beans drilled on the 10th December.
Since they were drilled, it has been extremely wet, but hopefully in the next week, they should start to emerge.

Three days of hard frost has froze our bean ground sufficiently to allow us to apply the pre-emergence herbicide on the 8th. A week ago this field was to wet to even walk over.

Spraying Beans in the Frost
Loading Wheat

The end of the month has seen us complete the loading of a 100 tonne contract of feed wheat destined to Lloyds Animal Feeds at Langport in Somerset.

The last couple of weeks have been reasonably dry at Hadley allowing us to cultivate the field which we have been unable to get on as a consequence of it turning  very wet and soft following us subsoiling it back in October. Our pigtail cultivator has done a good job at aerating the soil to allow it to dry prior to drilling with Spring Beans.

Pigtail Cultivating
Drilling Spring Beans

On the 30th, whilst the east of the country suffered from blizzard conditions, we make a start at drilling our Quattro Spring Beans. Following the pervious pass with our cultivator and with very high winds drying the seedbed, the dust was blowing by the end of the day. Hard to believe remembering how wet the field was like less than a fortnight ago!