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The first few weeks of July are the calm before the storm of harvest for us.
Time to make the last few check of the combine, prepare the grain store and drier, the list goes on. One thing I can guarantee is that however much we try, something will be overlooked or left to the last minute.

Our combine has had more than enough money spent on it this year, with new knife, fingers, belts, chains etc. Just when I though it was ready for the off, I discovered a problem with the bevel gear box which drives the emptying augar. Claas, in their wisdome donít see fit to supply the bits to repair this gear box and would sooner you spend £600 on a new one. Thatís another 10 tonnes of wheat its got harvest!

Auger Drive
Damaged gear teeth
Old & New

This month, we have given Mill Engineers the deal to replace our ageing Maschio / Accord combination drill. Opposing the current trend to minimal tillage drilling systems, we have opted to stay with a tried, tested and flexible combination unit comprising of another Maschio power harrow with a Sulky GC Compact drill

Picture courtesy of Sulk brochure

Following on from our neighbour harvesting some early winter barley, the 16th July saw the loading of our first load of Bales 2 Wales. This load went direct to farm at Abergavenny, South Wales.

Loading Straw

18th July was the day to move our combine from Hadley to Great Casterton.
We have to give at least 24 hours notice to six police authorityís whoís areas we travel through with the wide load.

Combine ready for Transport

Pearl Winter Barley started to flow of the combine on the 22nd July this year. A couple of days earlier then last year.
Progress is being delayed by uneven ripening and wet weather at Casterton.

As the dark clouds gather, the barley goes through our Mecmar mobile grain drier.