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Harvesting Winter Barley

Harvest started on the 13th, 9 days earlier than last year. Pearl Winter Barley was first in line. In temperatures of 30+C, the straw was baled directly behind the combine.

Having completed the winter barley in ideal weather conditions, we started harvesting Oil Seed Rape on the 16th.
The crop is very short due to very dry conditions during spring growth, and their was concern that the crops potential had suffered, but it seems to be yielding very well.

Harvesting Oil Seed Rape
Cultivating OSR Stubble

With A blade tines running approximately 50mm deep, the soil and seed are thoroughly mixed, then consolidated by the following press wheels to give good soil to seed contact to promote rapid germination.

In order to produce a seedbed for weeds and lost seed to germinate, OSR stubble has been cultivated with a Triple Press on loan from Knight Farm Machinery.

Triple Press Tine