July 2004                           Click here to go back to this year

EC 11

1st July sees the arrival of the replacement of our trusty old ERF E8 used for straw and machinery haulage. An ERF EC11 sourced from ACUMA Fleet Management, and supplied to us by local ERF dealer Richard Read.

Harvesting Oil Seed Rape

The 23rd was the day to start harvest for this year. Showery weather for the past 10 days at Stamford has kept us away from the barley, and with the first opportunity we make a start on Oil Seed Rape. With a moisture of 12% it is going straight into the drier which is bringing it down to 7.5% ready for immediate movement off farm.

Harvesting Winter Barley

Carat Winter Barley started to flow off the combine on the 27th.

Drying grain in the field

The lack of sunshine meant around 30% has had to go through our Mecmar drier.