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Applying Fertiliser to OSR
Filling Spreader
Spreading Beans
Incorporating Beans with Press

2 weeks of freezing cold and snowy weather has put us behind with the application of liquid fertilizer. Oil Seed Rape is especially lacking in nitrogen.

I wanted to have an experiment with the last 10 hectares of spring beans to plant.
Rather than sow them with our combination drill I wanted to see how successful establishment would be by spreading the seed onto the ground and incorporating the seed with our press.

In this particular field, the combination drill make a very level and compact seedbed which is very prone to capping when it rains. The press leaves a more weather proof finish.

We cultivated the stubble with the press 2 weeks earlier, and now it has dried very well.

The seed was spread using our Amazon ZA-M spreader
at 275Kg/Ha.

Running the press over this, the tines agitate the soil to bury the seed and the press rings produce a good soil to seed contact.
All thatís left is to see how they come up!