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Take-all in Wheat

Iím not particularly proud of this photo, but never the less worth recording.
It shows a patch of our Gladiator Second Wheat heavily infested with Take-all.

Limited to an area of around only 2 acres, its interesting to look back and see what is different in this field to all our other second wheat. Firstly, it was the first drilled of all our second wheat into a minimum tilled seedbed with chopped straw. Secondly, for the first time in 3 years we havenít used Latitude seed dressing to help prevent Take-all. Thridly, this particular patch has quite a low soil ph making it acid.
In a nut shell, all conditions were right for Take-all.

All our other second wheat crop hasnít sufferd anywhere near as much as this patch becasue most of the conditions outlined above were different. The straw was baled and removed and the seed was drilled 10 days later into a seedbed, although minimum tilled, it was a lot cleaner. Soil pH is also a lot higher.