Load / Unload Position
Transport Position

Having completed the majority of spring applications of chemical and fertilizer, this month has given me chance to complete the drill trailer which I have been working on in spare time. Our 4 meter combination drill unit holds a few transport problems, mainly on and off the lorry for the 100 mile trip between farms. What started off as a simple idea to do just this one job, has evolved into a multipurpose hydraulically raised and lowered flat bed trailer.

Constructed out of a mixture of new and recycled steel and parts, the 4.5 meter long by 2.5 meter wide body takes shape in our workshop.

Having completed the fabrication, the trailer is cleaned down and painted with zinc primer ready to receive the green top coat.

Complete with marine plywood flooring, the trailer is seen here in its loading position. Lowered to give a bed height of 200mm from the ground it will accept our mounted combination drill.

Using the tractors pickup hitch to raise the front of the trailer and the hydraulics to raise the rear, the trailer is now ready to transport the drill legally on the road.

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