November 2003             Click here to go back to this year

October ended with a total of approximately 40mm of rain falling over three days at Hadley. This brings a welcome end to the 3 month long dry spell.

Wheat Seed

On the left of the photo above, you can see wheat seed which has been in the ground since the first week of September. In those seven weeks, all it has managed to do is sprout to what you see here. On the right of the photo, is seed which was replanted ten days ago on the assumption that the previous seed would not grow. Now the rain has arrived, it will be interesting to see what happens. If all the seed grows, we will have a massive plant population, but I suspect by the time the slugs have had a feed, we end up with it about right.

Looking back at November last year, we were moving feed wheat off farm at £57 per tonne. This year we are selling wheat online through Glencore’s ‘Grainman’ website for £93. I have personaly never sold wheat for this amount of money. Probably this year will make up for some of the short fall last year. Long may this price continue.

Field Track

Since 1999 we have been using Field Track farm management and recording software to record our farm inputs. This month sees the release of a new version of Field Track. To find out more about this excellent and affordable program click on the icon.

Following last years success drilling our winter beans with our combination drill, we planted this years crop in the same way on the 5th November.

Drilling Winter Beans