October 2002             Click here to go back to this year

Applying Avadex Granules

We’ve been digging in the back of the shed for our ageing Nodet granular applicator to apply Avadex Granules pre-emergence on our winter barley.

On the 2nd, we applied fungicide and insecticide to our Oil Seed Rape using the Knight 3000 litre trailed sprayer we share with our neighbour at Casterton.

Spraying OSR
Gout Fly Eggs

Not the easiest things in the world to photograph, but here we have Gout Fly eggs on our wheat, which we are treating with insecticide to control before they get chance to hatch and burrow into the plant.

At Hadley, we have had approximately only 15mm of rain in the past 8 weeks.
Taking advantage of the dry conditions we are subsoiling land destined for winter beans. Operating at a depth of 400mm we are using a three leg Wing-Lift on loan from Knight Farm Machinery Ltd.

Knight Wing-Lift