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All effort this month is aimed at drilling wheat at Hadley. First wheat, following peas and beans, will come first.

Difficulty with the harvesting of our peas where they had gone flat, had left alot of haulm which wouldn’t flow through the plough, so our set of Parmiter Super Utah’s disc harrows were out chopping and incorporating the trash.

Parmiter Super Utah's
KV LD85 + Packomat

Our Kverneland plough equipped with a Packomat press goes to work on the disced pea haulm.

With the very variable land at Hadley, it is necessary to patch treat the heavy areas of the ploughed land with the power harrow. The remaining areas will combination drill directly on the ploughing.

4 M Maschio 'Rapido' Power Harrow

On the 5th of the month, our supply of Claire winter wheat seed was delivered from Dalton’s. It went straight into the drill ready for work. I was a little concerned about our tractors ability to lift the 4 metre combination unit when loaded with seed, but filled to the brim with 750 Kg, it lifts it with no problem.

In near ideal conditions Claire winter wheat goes in at 200 seeds/m2.
Having rolled the seed bed following drilling, it rained within an hour of completion, so hopefully the crop will germinate quickly and grow away from the threat of slugs hollowing the seed. 

Maschio / Sulky Combination
Quivogne AP-FL Discs

Bean stubble is next for winter wheat. This was disced with our Parmiter discs following harvest, and now another pass with our Quivogne flail discs working at a depth of 150mm will be sufficient to cultivate and incorporate the trash ready for drilling.

Although the picture doesn’t do it justice, our Sulky drill coped well with the heavy trash conditions in our minimal cultivated bean stubble. Where the combine had stopped and left heaps of chopped straw was no problem either. This situation would have caused problems for our old Accord drill.

Drilling in Bean Trash
Wheat Germinating

4 days since planting, and after about 15mm of rain, we have Claire winter wheat springing into life.

The 12th of the month and we have completed drilling our Claire first wheat.
In preparation for our Deben second wheat, the plough goes to work on wheat stubble to create a clean seedbed.

Ploughing Wheat Stubble
Dressing Home Saved Seed

On the 13th,
RESO Seeds Ltd arrive to dress and treat our home saved Deben wheat seed.

The 15th, and we made a start on our second wheat, but first a quick calibration of the drill with our Deben wheat seed treated with Beret Gold and Latitude.

Calibrating the Drill
Drilling Second Wheat

Drilling directly into the ploughed land, our combination makes a good job of creating a seed bed.

By the 18th, two weeks after planting, our first block of Claire is looking well, and has received its first insecticide.

Claire Winter Wheat

The 19th brought K.M.Contracting, working for R & T Liming to spread 2 tonnes per acre of lime to correct pH problems at Hadley.
Also today, we have finished the drilling of our winter wheat. Next job is to move the plough to Casterton to prepare ground for winter barley.

Filling Lime Spreader Spreading Lime
Filling the Drill with Winter Barley

Having previously ploughed and pressed the land at Casterton destined for Winter Barley, we started to drill Pearl on the 27th.

Having combination drilled 90 acres of winter barley in just less than 48 hours, we have now completed cereal drilling for 2002.
This ground is now rolled to consolidated and conserver moisture using a set of Edlington rolls on loan from our neighbour at Casterton.

Rollling Winter Barley Seedbed