September 2003        Click here to go back to this year

As with last year, we are preparing seedbeds for Winter Wheat following Beans. We have had little if no rain for the last month, which has been excellent for harvesting, but the hot sun has dried the ground out quickly. We are using our Quivogne flail disc with which we are towing a roll, on loan from a neighbor, to contain what moisture we do have.

Discing Bean Stubble
Filling the drill with seed

We started to plant Claire Winter Wheat on the 3rd. Half tonne bags of our home saved seed, cleaned and dressed by RESO seeds get lifted into the drill by our fork lift built around our 43 year old International B275. Converted to its current use in the 1970ís, we have owned this tractor from new.

The remaining 30 acres of first wheat to drill have been left in the hope of rain to soften the hard ground. The rain hasnít arrived yet, but we have been fortunate to take advantage of a Triple Press complete with tractor which has been on demonstration in the area.

Pressing & Drilling Wheat
Drilling Solstice Wheat

20th, and no useful amount of rain is causing great concern as well as allot of dust. Solstice second wheat is now all planted.
First wheat drilled nearly three weeks ago is imerging very unevenly in the dry conditions, and if rain doesnít come soon, re-drilling could be a real possibility.